Have you ever noticed you don't have as many photos as your other family members do? Have you ever caught yourself saying "No, don't photograph me now!" ... my hair's having a bad day, or my tummy's bigger today, or I don't like my hands, or I don't like ... list is endless.  Oh, well, I could tell you, almost every woman is like that, it's not only you. But the truth is that every single woman is so beautiful but she just doesn't see it. And when I say that, I really mean it. The perfect moment to photograph yourself will never come the way you want it. The perfect moment is now! You live today and today you are more beautiful than ever before. Time will not come back. We may get slimmer or bigger, older and never younger, become a wife, mom or grandma and today is always the best time to capture the moments that will be gone forever ...
I promise you to see the best photographs ever done of yourself. I promise you to see the person you are - in a shining, feminine and glamorous way! Feel special! Feel a woman!

For more photos and information have a look at Glamour Portraits page and check if there isn't any Running Promotion for that session.

Book now! Feel gorgeous now!


You are really beatiful.


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    Desislava Vasileva photographer at Serendipity Photo Studios

    I've been always passionate about photography. Being a stock photographer for the last 7 years brought a lot of knowledge and perfection to my images. My work has been published on websites, billboards, books and all kind of advertisements around the world.
    I've discovered the beauty of Newborn and Glamour photography, which now became my main passion.


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